Payette Land Trust (PLT) is dedicated to the preservation and protection of open spaces in Idaho. The PLT has a clear mission that serves the public interest and all programs support that mission.


When a landowner decides they want their land preserved in a specific way, we help them through the legal process and manage that preservation going forward. We also accumulate and preserve various land holdings ourselves. We manage this land with the intent of serving the public’s interest in shared use, scenic open space, and maintaining wildlife corridors.

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With so much land to protect, it’s important we take a strategic approach. We follow the vision of landowners and the public to connect the dots of important natural features and ecosystems. In this way, we focus our efforts on preserving land around natural features, areas of public use, and growing existing swaths of preserved land. For example, we may focus on land along the riverfront or along Highway 55.

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Explore what we already protect. Landowners are the heroes who decide they want to leave a legacy of open space or ranching instead of development and sprawl. It is their desire to preserve the natural beauty that has given us this job and these land holdings. If we can grow this list of beautiful properties, you can know your grandchildren will be experiencing a wilderness similar to the one you so value.

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