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Please enjoy scrolling through our beautiful collection of Conserved & Donated Private Properties.



When a landowner chooses to conserve their land, the PLT will guide them through the legal process and oversee the easement in perpetuity.

The landowners in and around west central Idaho play a vital role in conserving the rural landscapes that define our region. Conservation easements can be as simple as limiting specific development rights while the land owner retains the land as private property. As a landowner you decide what type of legacy to leave for future generations. We can help you to discover what options are available for your land.


  • The PLT believes in conserving the rural landscape of west central Idaho for the benefit of our community and future generations.
  •  We promote a community ethic that values and conserves its working agricultural properties and timberlands in balance with thoughtful developments.
  • We envision dedicated areas of open access and connectivity encouraging people to take part in their environment.
  • We believe in maintaining the region’s pristine rivers, streams, meadows and lakes for present and future generations.

All Conservation Easement Properties Map



Conservation Easement Properties

Hansberger South Fork Ranch
Boone Family Trust
Brees Ranch
Busby Property
Nahas Ranch
Boar's Nest Ranch
Blackhawk on the River
Driscoll Ranch
Whiteman Property

Donated Properties

Huffman Property
Peterson Property